The experience of a love-hate relationship with tracking and kerning all while being trapped between the two worlds of a designer and an artist. 


Passion, purpose, and courage dictates much of my graphic design and creative strategy process.


At times using some unorthodox approaches has inspired me to co-found FRINGE22 graphic design and creative strategy studio, UCollabit mobile app and other concepts focused on how design engages and inspires people to do great things.



Graphic design & creative strategy studio 

Specializing in brand development, FRINGE22's approach offers creative strategy and brand insights to push boundaries towards new channels in advancing social development and projects with purpose. We combine a forward-thinking style with a touch of grit, to find the next big idea with the use of technology to drive your vision forward.


Mobile app


Helping find better ways for creatives to network & collaborate.

A mobile app aimed at providing a platform for creatives to collaborate and document their creative journey. Understanding how much of social media is filled with senseless scrolling and shallow forms of engagement, uCollabit looks towards thinking past the likes to form more substantive engagements.


Artboard 1.png

A collection of some of my favorite designs & doodles

I've always believed too many designers have lost their vision because they forgot how they started as young artists. Taking once forgotten ideas, doodles, and concepts and turning them into brands and fine art is what I enjoy while accepting how we're all just kids playing with crayons.

20170621_135831 (1).png



A food truck inspired by Mediterranean street food  

For years my father in law had the best recipes for falafel. So with my skills in creative direction and a little background in the kitchen helped me co-found, build & design a food truck inspired by flavors from Amman Jordan.