For most of my life, I hated writing. Then, I started blogging. I couldn't get over the urge to tell my story, so I decided to write a book. Putting experiences into words never felt

so right. 

I've heard a quote once that mentions how "time teaches", I find truth in that so long as we can remember the lesson.


Providing a voice to the voiceless, compassion to the oppressed and insights for the curious has been my true motivation to write, which is weirdly apart of the human story. 



"Miss Me While I Run", A story documenting the journey of an African American, Afro Latino, Muslim, American, Artist during some of the most conflicted times and places in history




Agree to Disagree, a blog run by FRINGE22 to give a voice to issues we believe matter. The Agree to Disagree blog embodies an alternative perspective on design, politics, art & culture.

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