For most of my life, I hated writing. Then, I started blogging. I couldn't get over the urge to tell my story, so I decided to write a book. Putting experiences into words never felt

so right. 


I've heard a quote once that mentions how "time teaches", I find truth in that so long as we can remember the lesson.


Providing a voice to the voiceless, compassion to the oppressed and insights for the curious has been my true motivation to write, which is weirdly apart of the human story. 

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"Miss Me While I Run", A story documenting the journey of an African American, Afro Latino, Muslim, American, Artist during some of the most conflicted times and places in history




Agree to Disagree, a blog run by FRINGE22 to give a voice to issues we believe matter. The Agree to Disagree blog embodies an alternative perspective on design, politics, art & culture.

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